Common Winter Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

We are all willing to bet that pest infestation is not on your Christmas or New Year’s wish list, right? It is on nobodies! But, even though it’s winter and even though pests aren’t that common around this time of the year, that does not mean that they are inactive right now.

Quite the contrary – they are looking for a warm place to shelter themselves as we speak. So, do not be surprised if you see a spider or a mouse in and around your home. And, if you do, do not wait for that problem to fix itself. It will not.

One pest can quickly turn into an infestation that can be harmful not only to your home but also to you, your children, and your pets. Thus, here are some common winter pests and how to get rid of them quickly. 

Common Winter Pests and How to Get Rid of Them


Have you heard of the saying – ‘Give a mouse a cookie and it will ask for a glass of milk’? Mice truly are attracted to food, any food. They can smell your dog food, birdseed, trash, and even those little breadcrumbs under the dining table.

Basically, if you have anything edible, they will try to find their way to it. Thus, if you want to keep your home pest-free, make sure that the foods inside are ‘hidden’. And, of course, make sure there are no cracks and holes through which mice could get in.

These holes and cracks are usually found in basements and attics, or around windows and doors – so inspect these spots every once in a while to be sure. However, if you are too late – call an exterminator! He will set some humane trap, use some pest sprays to force them to get out, or simply advise you to get a cat! 


Just thinking about rats is spine-chilling. There is something about these creatures that makes most people scared and disgusted. And, they, just like mice, will be more than willing to shelter themselves in your home during this cold weather.

However, before you start screaming on top of your lungs and looking for a way to relocate in far from optimal weather conditions, take a deep breath and call your exterminator. He will take care of them.

Or you can get rid of them yourself by cleaning your home (and their hiding spots if you found them), by sealing all the foods, and by moving objects away from the walls. And, in the future, to prevent this guest from entering your home, make sure you seal any holes around your doors, windows, etc. 


There are two types of people in this world – those that do not mind spiders and those that want to die just by thinking about them. The former group of people celebrates spiders during the spooky season and lets them live in their homes.

But, the latter group of people in the group has arachnophobia. For them, spiders are a big no-no. If you belong to the second group, do not worry, getting rid of spiders is easy. Just mix warm water with white vinegar and citrus peels and then spray this on all corners of your home, especially those in your kitchen and bathroom.

Spiders hate acids and once they feel it, they will run for their lives out of your home. Thus, use this organic and safe mixture once a week and spray any area that you think spiders will love. This will keep you bug-free, not only spider-free! 

Fruit Flies 

If you thought flies are with us only in summers, you were wrong. Fruit flies are with us in all seasons. But, they do not want us, they want our food. They are not picky, but their favorite is fruit – rotten, smelly, sticky fruit.

Trust us, these little flies will be able to smell the rotten fruits from far away and they will be able to find their way inside your home even if you sealed it properly. Luckily, getting rid of them is easy – once you cut off their access to food, they will go out of your home willingly. Thus, clean your home!

Throw away any food that is rotten or spoiled. And, keep all your ‘good’ food in sealed containers or bags. Moreover, take care of your storage, pantry, attic, basement, and any other area in your home where you keep the food. As long as everything is clean, uncluttered, and smelling fresh, you will not have to worry about fruit flies. 

Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are usually our first association with old and dirty hotels. They usually live in and around our beds, but, it is not uncommon to see them anywhere where it is soft, warm, and cozy.

For instance, their favorite place to live is inside the mattress, inside blankets and pillows, and in upholstered pieces of furniture. But, even though they are very tiny, their bite can be very itchy and sometimes even painful.

Moreover, for people who have allergies to them, that bite can even be deadly. So, if you suspect that you have this investigation, do not wait but immediately find the best pest control company in your city. Exterminators will need a couple of days to remove bed bugs from your home, so use that time to buy new furniture! You will need a new mattress, linen, blankets, pillows, rugs, and pretty much anything made of fabric.  

Final Words 

To summarize, when it comes to pests, do not let your guard down during the colder months. If you do, you will find them living with you. They will ruin your furniture, floors, upholstery, mattresses, etc.

They will eat your food and they will multiply themselves. And, most importantly, they will compromise the health of your family and your pets. Thus, just as previously mentioned, keep your home clean and clutter-free, keep your food hidden and sealed, and keep your doors and windows locked. However, if you do see these creatures in your home, either start with some DIY solutions right away or call a pest control company. 

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