16 Expert Tips to Prevent Burglary

Did you know that 4.3% of Australian households experience break-ins in the past 12 months? Australia is at no. 7 when it comes to countries that experience the most burglaries in the world so this should not come as a surprise. You don’t need to panic though because you can do something about it.

The following are expert tips taken from security professionals and former thieves (yes, we went out of our way to interview them) to help you protect, secure, and keep your home safe at all times. 

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Tip #1: Be quiet on social media.

It’s a no-no to share your current activities and fresh holiday photos. Burglars today wisely make use of technology as well. You wouldn’t want your post to clue any person in that it’s okay to break into your house, am I right? So please, don’t display your absence from your household online. 

Tip #2: Neighborhood Watch System

Organize a resident-run surveillance arrangement where every member of your neighborhood can participate. It’s the best way to have everyone on the same page regarding the security of your community. 

Tip #3: Your house should look lived in.

You always need to make your house appear like someone is home. When out of town, ensure that all your mail is on hold to avoid build-up. A mail build-up can easily clue burglars that a house is without its owners. When on a holiday, you could also ask your neighbor to park intermittently in your driveway. Your home should always look like it is manned. 

Tip #4: Door protocol. 

Know when it’s okay and not okay to open the door. You and everyone in your household should be fully aware of this matter. Know that you don’t need to feel obligated to open the door at all times. You should never open your door to strangers. 

Tip #5: Use smart locks. 

This tip is best if you have kids or you always lose your keys. With a smart lock, you won’t need keys at all. Your home can be fully automated to lock and unlock whenever you desire. You can even lock or unlock your home even when you’re not around through the use of your phone. 

Tip #6: Have a security system equipped with cameras. 

If you want to take full control of your house’s safety, you should install a home security system. You could install both indoor and outdoor security cameras that can easily allow you to monitor your home whenever and wherever you may be through the use of your smartphone. It’s best if you look for a burglar alarm installation company that has years of experience in strategically placing surveillance cameras.

Tip #7: Have privacy films.

If you don’t use privacy films yet, the time to consider buying one is now. A window with a privacy film is best for robust home security because such a window will not allow nosy neighbors or burglars to easily see what’s inside your house. The good thing with privacy films is that they block view access from the outside while still allowing natural light to get through.

Tip #8: Manage your blinds. 

Never leave your blinds wide open. Homes with opened blinds are very inviting to burglars. With opened blinds, burglars or any passerby can easily see what’s going on inside your house. This is something that you should always avoid. Hence, everyone in your household must be duly informed on how to intelligently use blinds. 

Tip #9: Rely on man’s best friend. 

Burglars skip on houses with dogs. If you have one, you can be sure that you’re already 70% safer when compared to households with no furry friends around. If you have none and have no plans of getting one, you can simply put a “Beware of Dog” sign to scare burglars away. Such is equally effective.

Tip #10: Have a solid routine when it comes to locks. 

Always remember that burglars see opened and unlocked doors as a grinning invitation. Hence, you should make it a point that everyone in your household always prioritizes the locking of doors and windows. Dedicate a regular schedule to check if all windows and doors are locked. If you can, make it a habit to check if all doors and windows are duly locked before going to bed. 

Tip #11: Pick a unique hiding spot.

Burglars already know your favorite hiding spot. Case in point, burglars already know that most of your important items are hidden in your sock drawer. Hence, you need to be creative already. Choose a unique hiding spot like your kid’s toy or your supplies cabinet. Buying a safe is also a good idea to consider. 

Tip #12: Never overshare. 

Make it a point to interact with non-family members and strangers on a need-to-know basis. Oversharing is never good as no one in your family should know so much about your household. Be vigilant when it comes to the people who enter your home. For home repairs and services, always check if the person who’s about to enter your home is a verified professional. 

Tip #13: Use motion-sensitive lights. 

Motion-sensitive lights are fantastic because they turn on whenever sudden movement is detected. This is something that burglars are totally averse to. The mere turning on of lights is enough to shock and scare away a burglar who’s just about to break in. This is because a turned-on light always means that someone is up and about inside the house. 

Tip #14: Be aware of house drafts.

This is something that expert burglars do to check if a house is indeed empty. Burglars would place random objects that are not normally by your home’s exterior, like a pot or a welcome rug. They would place it on a different day and check a day or days after if it was moved. If it wasn’t moved, then it means that a house is indeed empty. 

Tip #15: Be careful with your trash. 

Be careful of the garbage that you throw away. Burglars go through people’s trash to check on recent big purchases. Always remove your personal information and transaction details when disposing of delivery boxes and pouches.

Tip #16: Check for hiding spots.

Check the exterior of your house for areas and spots that burglars can easily hide under. Check your bushes and plants. If you have shrubs and you want to avoid giving burglars convenient hiding spots, always ensure that they are regularly trimmed. 

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