Best Places in Your Home to Add Additional Storage

Creating storage space in your home is an essential part of making it feel homier. When you live in a small space, every corner and nook becomes that much more critical for housing all of your belongings.

Any home will have some built-in storage, but many smaller homes don’t have enough. This is why it’s important to think about adding more storage space from the beginning. We don’t all have the same needs when it comes to storage, so there are many different ways to achieve this in a smaller home.

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Start at the Top – Ceiling Storage in Your Garage

The garage is often one of the biggest storage areas in any home, but it also has a lot of unused space. Ceiling storage is an excellent solution that is both easy to install and can be removed relatively easily. There are many different types of ceiling storage available to you.

Hooks, rails, and even baskets are easy to install and take away the need to buy a ton of different baskets, shelves, or bags to store your items. Some of these types of storage can even be mounted to the wall above your car, giving you the ability to access items without getting in the car.

You also have the option to get custom ceiling storage that fits your garage perfectly, maximizing the space you have. Getting storage racks like those at gives you the opportunity to talk with someone that has more experience in this field than you likely do, so you can rely on their expertise instead of trying to guess for yourself. 

Entryway & Hallway Storage

These areas of your home can get a lot of traffic when people come and go, so they are great places to add additional storage. The entryway can become a catchall for everything that you don’t have a home for, like shoes, coats, umbrellas, bags, or even your dog’s leash.

This is an easy way to add some much-needed organization to your home. Hallways are often overlooked as storage spaces. You can add shelves, baskets, or even hooks to the wall in the hallway to create additional storage. This is a great place to store any extra towels, blankets, or other items that you don’t have a home for and want to keep out of sight.

Under Bed Storage

Bedrooms can often get cluttered with lots of different items that don’t have a home. Under bed storage is a great way to add some extra space where you can store things out of sight. Bed rails are excellent for this type of storage. They are placed under the bed and can be used for many different items.

You can add a rail to the side, middle, or head of the bed to create additional storage space wherever it is needed the most. You can also use a bed frame with drawers. Drawers are great for storing clothes, linens, and other items that are not too heavy. You can even go as far as to add a false drawer or wall space to store things that you don’t want anyone to see or know are there.

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Dining Room Storage Options

The dining room is a great place to add extra storage when you need it the most. Additional appliances like toasters and coffee makers, large pots and pans, baking supplies, and serving pieces can be stored in your dining room.

You can also use the dining room as a mini pantry where you can store canned goods, bags of rice and pasta, and other bulky items that don’t get much use. This helps to keep your kitchen uncluttered and free of extra appliances. If you want to store more in your dining room, you can add open shelving, cabinets, or even a custom table with drawers incorporated into it.

Creating Storage Can Be a Fun Creative Activity

If your home lacks storage, consider creating some yourself. This doesn’t have to be done in some grandiose way; it can be as simple as adding extra shelving or hooks to the walls. You can also repurpose old furniture items or create some DIY storage options from old things you have lying around the house.

A few ideas for creating storage are repurposing old suitcases, filing cabinets, or even empty wine crates. These are all good ways to add some extra storage to a smaller home. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated undertaking. These are all excellent ideas for how to add storage to your home and make it feel more like home. There are many different ways to add storage to a smaller house; it just takes a little creativity and effort.

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