Amsterdam Hybrid Small Home-Office: Zoku Loft

oku Loft Small Apartment Design Overview

Zoku Loft are located in Weesperstraat 105 1018 VN Amsterdam. Designed by Concrete Architectural Associates. This Studio Apartment is new typle rented space ( hybrid small home and office spaces) offers at least 24 square meters room (around 254 sqft). According to the project developers, “it provides a stylish and flexible interior concept with a focus on the living and working space instead of the sleeping area.” It can be easily adjusted to become cozy, business-like or something in between.


Zoku Loft Small Apartment Design Hybrid Small Home
Studio Apartment Overview

The bed designed on elevated sleeping area and have screened sparator wall. Ingeniously efficient design. Space under elevated sleeping area can be used as shelf and other brilliant space-saving ideas.Zoku Loft Small Apartment Design Main Room 2

Zoku loft are one bedroom apartments. Bed area can be accessed using retractable stairs (push and pull system). And when pushed out. Its revealing built in wall shelf and make more space (what a smart ideas).

one bedroom apartmentd

The king size bedroom placed on elevated apartment floors, behind wooden slatted screen.

Zoku Loft Small Apartment Design Desk

Its placed near the entrance and actually located under sleeping area. this is what i means brilliant space-saving ideas.

Zoku Loft Small Apartment Design Wastafel

Sliding doors separate the high-pressure shower and bubble area from the toilet area in case of guest. Also comes with hairdrayer and heated shaving mirror will have you looking your best in a seconds.

Zoku Loft Small Apartment Design Overview Main Room

This is explanation from original sites: In a regular hotel room or studio apartment, the bed always dominates. At Zoku, the large kitchen table serves as focal point. Use it to work across time zones, host dinner parties or gently rest your head after making a deadline. You decide. Then feel free to change your mind. The same goes for swapping the art on your walls, after which you can enjoy the view from your comfy Muuto design furniture.

studio apartment kitchen

Compact kitchen desgin for studio apartment. Small kitchen with highly efficient design yet accommodate basic kitchen needs. It’s can increase working productivity, because its compactness, everything is reachable. Even you can make a cup of coffee while meeting with your coo-workers.

studio apartment diningsFour seats on comfortable Muuto chairs. This is where you drink your coffee in the morning while reading the newspaper, have a creative brainstorm with colleagues during the day and host a casual dinner for friends in the evenings.

Zoku Loft Small Apartment Design Cozy Couch

Cozy apartment size sofa choosen and helps to relax after a period of work or tension.

Source: Zoku-Loft Studio Apartments

Learn more using this video: Hybrid Small Living and Studio Apartment Office



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