10 Ideas To Brings Office Into Your Closets 2021

Working from home can be a blessing, but it can also be a burden, especially if you don’t have a dedicated place to work in your small house. We’re introducing closet  office that turned into a beautifully organized office. I have collected a few examples of home office designs from around the web. Check out my closet offices list for some inspiration to create your own. Let us know your favorites or even send over any that we missed. 🙂



image: sayehpezeshki.com

Ever muttering that you can build a small home office in your closet? But guess what? It’s possible! Just open the door, add style and hide your clutter. Put storage in eye-catching colors, office desk, chairs, and even tons of book or ornaments. That way your space will be used for something productive instead of just storage. it’s important in any office space no matter how tiny the closet is, there are ways to finagle some creative touches in there, like on the closet door.

elegant closet office

image: houseofroseblog.com

Isn’t this little office so inviting? the nook storage makes it looks so ‘Office”. The mounted monitor also gives you extra space on the work desk.


wooden closet office

image: houzz.com

Behind this set of wooden bifold doors is a beautiful, inviting workspace.  The doors make space look like the other closets in the house, so it blends right in. fuel the warmth inside your closest office by adding some pictures of your beloved ones.

tiny closet office

image: houzz.com

Just take this mini-study 6 feet wide Closet Office!! You don’t need a whole room to have a hardworking office. 🙂 you just need to put a desk, wooden chairs, and an attic or a nook into a hardworking office space. This is an example of a small contemporary home office with white walls, dark hardwood floors, and a built-in desk

Need more examples? Organized Lifestylez provide great home and garage solutions! Visit the page to get more ideas on how to decorate your space artistically.

pink wall coset office

image: houzz.com

clever closet transformation for any office lady. In this setup, the door was kept on. If the room needs to be used for something else, the chair just needs to be drift away, and the door is closed and locked.

orange theme closet office

image: houzz.com

look at this 3- by 4½-foot office space (formerly a pantry), painted with orange theme color on the inside. It gives a glowing effect and creates a warm working environment. When it’s not being used, it can be closed off from the living space. Built-in shelves above the desk provide storage, and a mini gallery photo wall provides a big design improvement.

blue theme closet office

image: countryliving.com

With a little time, a few low-cost budgets,s, and flowers light blue wallpaper you can transform a cluttered two-by-six-foot closet into this functional blooming office with inspiration. Maximize every square inch into a clever storage function that worth showcasing to guests.



Grab some baskets to organize your DIY supplies and you can easily turn your closet into your own crafting space. Just pull a curtain over it when you have guests over and they’ll never know there is a workspace in the closets.

efficient closet office

image: pinterest


With all that vertical height, closet offices are perfect for storing any and all papers and materials. Keep yours stocked with shelves and a full white file cabinet and you’ll never be hunting for those random receipts. A wide mirror also gives space to look bigger.


image: brit.co

If creating a beautiful closet office is your goal, then consider ditching the closet doors and letting the world see how pretty your desk space really is. look at how beautiful is the marble desk and wooden wall-pallet as one combination.

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